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Experience Krav Maga, the world-renowned self-defence system, at our dynamic and inclusive classes in Glasgow. Join us for a FREE trial lesson and discover how Krav Maga can help you get fit, gain confidence, and stay safe!

Unleash Your Inner Warrior:

  • No martial arts experience required! Our experienced instructor will guide you through the basics of Krav Maga, ensuring a smooth learning experience for all skill levels.
  • Improve your fitness while learning practical self-defence techniques. Krav Maga is a dynamic blend of striking, grappling, and defensive manoeuvres that work in real-world scenarios.
  • Boost your self-confidence and overcome any physical limitations. Krav Maga is designed for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or fitness level!

Learn Real-World Self-Defence:

  • Explore the core principles and mind-set behind Krav Maga. Learn to assess threats, react with lightning-fast reflexes, and neutralize attackers swiftly and effectively.
  • Dive deep into realistic scenarios, from conflict avoidance strategies to handling multiple attackers and armed confrontations. Gain the skills to protect yourself and loved ones in any situation.
  • Develop tactical awareness and the ability to make split-second decisions while under pressure. Krav Maga empowers you to stay calm and take control, no matter the circumstances.

A Supportive Community for Your Journey:

  • Experience a welcoming and respectful environment that fosters growth and camaraderie. Our instructor and fellow students are here to support you every step of the way.
  • Train in a safe and controlled environment, adhering to the highest standards of safety and professional instruction.
  • Set your goals, challenge yourself, and witness your progress first-hand. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your full potential.

Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity! Book your FREE trial lesson today and embark on an exhilarating Krav Maga journey. Get fit, be confident, and stay safe – all while discovering the true warrior within you!

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Why should you train with IKMS Glasgow?

Check out what our members have to say!
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I love this club! I was a bit nervous about going to my first class and wasn’t sure how welcoming it was gonna be. But Jesse (the instructor) totally puts you at ease - he is really kind, welcoming and funny so you immediately feel relaxed. You can tell he’s really invested in you and your training and that gives you more confidence as you work your way through the moves. Everyone in the club is lovely and I look forward to seeing them each week :). I find Krav has been so good for my fitness. I worked out everyday before I joined the club, but Krav pushes you to a whole new level of fitness. And everyone seems super into it - so I feel like it pushes you to want to be better and train harder. I love working on the martial arts stuff - makes you feel like a badass 😉 (even when you’re a total newbie and still learning everything). And I find the assertiveness and confidence I get from training moves over into other areas of my life.
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Great classes by a great instructor and probably one of the best things I've ever done in my near 28 year existance. I've learned some good moves and warmups that have kept me fitter and healthier, the fight team session on a Tuesday is good as well. Feel more confident, established connections with and made new friends who I get on well with, I also enjoy the social side of the club as well. Looking forward to continuing this journey. Loved it so far.
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Top notch club ran by an top class instructor. After a hard think on things as I mean I’m 41, overweight and already tried a club that just didn’t sit with me and nearly put me off Krav Maga that a friend recommended I try out my local club that just started in the south side, my whole thoughts changed as I absolutely love it! The regulars are all so friendly and so are the coaching staff, nothing is ever too small for them to run over. As for the fitness sides of things, I was encouraged to go at my own pace which I do and I’m gradually getting fitter and fitter. If you’re hesitant, I suggest a free trial class, you won’t regret it. Whether it’s friends, as there’s a social aspect to the club, coffees etc or just full on training there is something for everyone, did I mention the self defence taught? Whatever your reasons you won’t regret taking that first step and it’s worth every penny. Best move I’ve made in a long time was going along for that free trial class. The atmosphere and instructor makes for an excellent club. Thanks, Jess ….
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I’ve been training with IKMS glasgow for almost a year now, and have to say it’s been an incredible and satisfying experience. In the past, I’ve never managed to consistently go to gyms or fitness classes, without soon loosing interest. And I think it’s a testament to the instructor, Jesse, who keeps the class endlessly engaging, in a safe, respectful and supportive atmosphere. An hour or two going by in a flash and I find myself looking forward to the next class. I’ve learnt a huge amount and found a wonderful community.
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I started at Krav Maga about 4 weeks ago. I'm usually quite nervous about trying new classes, but from the moment I signed up to the first free trail class, I felt completely welcome. I'm really enjoying learning how to defend myself, and they push your fitness in a fun way. I look forward to each class.
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Jess, the instructor, glows with enthusiasm for his subject, and that enthusiasm certainly rubbed off on me. The skill and quality of the teaching was absolutely first class. The impact on my overall fitness was also a very welcome bonus. Great value as well.
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Nearly two months ago I was going to book my trial lesson and asked Jesse (Krav instructor in Glasgow) how many times I should be training (because I didn't want to commit to anything that would take a lot of my free time, but was really curious about trying Krav Maga). Since the first week I've been training 4-5 times a week and I can't get enough of it 😀 The lessons are a lot of fun, the instructors (Jesse, John and Scott) are great people and very attentive and kind instructors. They built a community that feels like a family and can easily find an approach that works for any personality/fitness level/etc <3
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Excellent class with a fantastic instructor. You'll learn a lot of valuable skills and it'll help keep you fit aswell.
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I have trained with IKMS Krav Maga for almost 4 years now. Krav Maga is a reality based Self Defense programme developed by the Israelis. There are no rules in its application and there are no competition. We focus only on street self defense. Jesse Alfstad is an attentive and knowledgable instructor who specialises in dirty fighting. The classes consist of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and we are welcoming and approachable. We don't wear uniform to remove the "belt colour" intimidation factor and we all train at the same level. I would thoroughly recommend Krav Maga to anyone who is wishing to try self defense. Don't worry about your fitness... That is why you come to Krav Maga 😉
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Jesse, John and Scott are great coaches, they helped become a better version of myself. Apart from learning skills that can help me save my life, I lost excess weight, gained more confidence which helped me transform both my private and professional life into something better!
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Great club and very welcoming for newbies!
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If you’re looking for a fun and friendly environment to learn some self defence, as well as improving your fitness level, this is the place for you. Great exercises and brilliant technique at every session I’ve been to. Come along
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Jesse is an amazing trainer, he makes you feel comfortable and is very patient. Would recommend to anyone regardless of fitness level, as Jesse adapts to your needs without a problem. The best part in my opinion are the other people who train here as well, they have a wonderful community and friendship, which makes training not only useful (as you workout + learn how to defend yourself), but a lot of fun as well. As I wrote earlier, I would recommend IKMS Glasgow to anyone, it is genuinely a great place to learn Krav Maga.
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all I can say is brilliant class and instructors all students very helpful would recommend this to anyone looking to get fit and learn self defense and confidence
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Great fun, great training and great crowd. IKMS is a great community with very knowledgeable instructors. Would highly recommend it and adaptable for all levels.
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Very clear instruction and Jesse is happy to answer the many questions I ask. Inclusive of all levels and abilities!
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Great trainer, good guidance, smart kit and locations. Many highly knowledgeable folks in the classes and an overall comfortable and constructive environment. Be advised, getting a box is recommended.
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Great introduction class with Jesse. Loved every minute of it. Great passion and knowledge of Krav Maga. Looking forward to continuing my journey under his guidance. Highly recommended
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To say Jess is an excellent instructor and coach would be an understatement. He has a talent for teaching and explaining things in a way that is interesting, clear, and always well- remembered. I felt my confidence increase as soon as I walked in the door, and I felt valued both as a Krav Maga practitioner and person. I would highly recommend Jess’ sessions – their friendly, incredibly fun and you always learn something.
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My 28 year old son has been a member of this group for almost a year and it has done wonders for his mobility, strength, fitness and overall confidence. It has taught him how to defend himself, if required, which for me is so reassuring, in addition to this, he has made so many lovely friends in this group, which is so professionally run. Definitely based on feedback from my son, I would recommend these classes to anyone who wants to improve their core strength, fitness and confidence, in a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment.
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Fantastic self-defence class! Started a few weeks ago for initially 4 weeks of private training with my 12 year old daughter and It is great fun! Instructor Jesse made us feel welcome straight away. Jesse is an excellent teacher who introduces practical and useful new techniques every week and makes the class good fun too. Incredible knowledge shared by highly skilled instructor who ensures to motivate you and pushes you to your limit. Loving it so much we’ve decided to continue. This training prepares you for real life situations. Cannot recommend highly enough.

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